Born in Edmonton, on 14 May 2018, Eva weighs 9 pounds and has light brown hair, two gay dads and a world to discover. As allowed under Canadian law, her tummy mummy Christina is an altruistic surrogate. Bright and bubbly, Christina invites us into her hospital birthing room along with the baby’s two beaming dads, Michael and Krister, their same-sex marriage at last officially recognised under new Australian law. The big planning question gets settled with smiles – Krister will take the scissors and cut the baby’s cord. The sperm was his husbands, Michael, and the egg was donated by Krister's lesbian sister Karla. FAMILY is the bringing together of stories which all intertwine with each other to make the discovery about what it means to be family--discoveries in connections that can be so startling, so thrilling and so ordinary, all at once. When Michael, Krister and new-born baby Eva left Edmonton, Canada, Christina’s motherly advice was to paint the girl’s room pink. Krister and Michael made polite reply—they are out to discover a rainbow.