Non'D'Script is a base from which we produce projects seeking to push boundaries and to tell great stories.


The bursting flavour of a Sydney rock oyster releases the salty taste of the lake but gives nothing away in regards to the fragile environment it grew up in or the story of the family, the farm, the hard work or sacrifices put in by the farmer who raised it.

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The Tentmakers of Cairo

For over three years we follow a community of artisans whose craft has remained largely unchanged since Pharaonic times. They try to make sense of Egypt’s recent history, as their hands stitch incredibly detailed designs. Contrasts exist not only in the scenes where the artworks clash with the dirt and grime of the street, but also in the social differences, wealth and political views.


Awarded the;

- Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award, 2015

- Prox Buyens Chagoll, 2015

- El Ray Award for Excellence in Documentary Narrative Filmmaking, 2015

Just Punishment

In December 2005 Van Nguyen, a 24 year-old Australian, was hanged by the state of Singapore for heroin trafficking. Filmed across two years, 'Just Punishment' tells the remarkable story behind the fight to save his life.