The Tentmakers of Cairo

Filmed over three years, ‘The Tentmakers of Cairo’ tells the story of Egypt’s struggle with democracy through the lives of a small community of artists striving to maintain their ancient art form.

‘The Tentmakers of Cairo’ is a feature length documentary with unprecedented access to a small Egyptian community located in the heart of Old Islamic Cairo. The story spans three turbulent years, from Egypt’s 25th January 2011 revolution through to the June 2014 election of Abdel Fatah al Sisi as President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is a story of Egypt’s revolution through the eyes of a group of Egyptians who are not only struggling to maintain their culture, but also simply trying to survive.




Just Punishment (Co-Produced with Liz Burke and Shannon Owen)

On December 2nd, 2005 Van Nguyen, a 24 year-old Australian, was hanged by the state of Singapore for trafficking 396 grams of heroin. Despite capital punishment being commonplace throughout Asia, Australia itself abandoned the death penalty in 1985 and it had been 12 years since an Australian citizen faced a state sanctioned execution. The media interest was intense, diplomatic tension ensued and public opinion was split.